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Easter chocolate chips


A farandole of little fish as cute as they are tasty! Decorate your table, liven up your desserts and enjoy our fried fish, ideal for sharing.

Other chocolates are available... The bunny, like the egg, the fish or the hen, are adorable chocolate subjects perfect for Easter, as are the praline eggs!

Basile et Téa's creations are both gourmet and comforting, so that the magic of the Easter season can be enjoyed by young and old alike!

Careful delivery, 24h-72h, Domicile & Relais France UE.

Chocolaterie ranked among the 12 best in France, "Award de l'Espoir 2021" "Tablette de Bronze 2023" by the Club des Croqueurs de Chocolat in Paris.


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Attention to detail

The Basile et Téa chocolate factory specializes in chocolate gifts for both private and professional customers. Enjoy and savor an entirely handcrafted product, with very little sugar, no coloring, no preservatives, carefully selected noble ingredients, 100% pure cocoa butter chocolate and plastic-free packaging, made in Lyon, mainly in kraft from sustainably managed forests!

cocoa bean

We select the best cocoa beans from around the world to bring you the very best chocolate!

handcrafted chocolate

The indulgence of our chocolates is our priority, and we strive to make chocolate that is accessible to as many people as possible.

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