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Our chocolaterie

Drawing on our professional backgrounds, our encounters and our much-appreciated missions in renowned establishments, we have retained essential values and an absolute requirement: to work only with noble, quality products, from channels of excellence, know-how, delicacy, care, and just the right amount of poetry to shape, with four hands, gourmet chocolates with balanced flavors. We've put together a team of "chocs..." to guarantee you intense tastings and help you discover our world of chocolate.

A noble product

Basile and Téa work with finely selected chocolate, a noble material from top-quality mills, where the cocoa beans reveal the full richness of their aromas. They infuse it with their know-how, delicacy, care and just the right amount of poetry to shape a product of comforting indulgence, for intense tasting experiences. Enjoy and savor an entirely handcrafted product, with very little sugar, no coloring, no preservatives, carefully selected noble ingredients, 100% pure cocoa butter chocolate and plastic-free packaging, made in Lyon, mainly in kraft from sustainably managed forests! Savor chocolate like you've never tasted it before; gourmet creations, pure plantation bars, that will take you on a journey through the cultures of cocoa trees and spices. Unique flavours, "home-made", a gustatory pleasure to be tasted and shared without moderation.

Certified quality chocolate and ingredients
The chocolates we use to create our delicacies come from a certified-quality production chain, from the prestigious Michel Cluizel confectionery house, founded in 1960. The same goes for the candied fruits we use (candied oranges, candied lemons, marrons glacés), which come from the Corsiglia confectionery house, synonymous with excellence since 1896.
A local chocolate factory
Our chocolate factory is located in a small town called Pont-Évêque, 30 minutes from Lyon. We make a point of visiting local markets as often as possible to keep in touch with our customers. We are always ready to listen to our customers, so we can offer a wide choice of quality products that will appeal to as many people as possible.
A maximum of French products
Although our business requires foodstuffs from all over the world, some of them are produced in France. That's why we prefer to source as much as possible from France: fruit, sugar, cream, butter, packaging...
Chocolatier Basile & Téa

The love of chocolate

Basile and Téa work with finely selected chocolates and noble ingredients from top-quality suppliers, to create unique, gourmet chocolates with French savoir-faire!

Our chocolate candies

The biggest successes of our chocolate factory :