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Which chocolate to give for the New Year's Eve?

New Year's Eve is a time to celebrate the end of the year and welcome in the new year with joy and enthusiasm. Offering chocolate on this occasion can be an original and gourmet way of greeting loved ones and wishing them a Happy New Year. However, with the wide variety of chocolates available on the market, it can be difficult to choose the right one for the occasion. In this article, we offer a few tips to help you find the perfect chocolate gift for the New Year.


Opt for top-quality chocolates

For a quality New Year's gift, we recommend choosing top-quality chocolates.

These chocolates are generally made from top-quality cocoa beans, which have been carefully selected and processed with the utmost care. They are also prepared by professional chocolatiers who put all their know-how and passion into making these delicacies. By opting for top-quality chocolates, you're sure to please your loved ones with an exceptional gift of taste.


During the festive season, stores are full of poor-quality chocolates. That's why it's important to choose quality when buying or giving chocolate as a gift.

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Original chocolates Choosing original chocolates

To surprise your loved ones and give them an original gift, you can opt for chocolates with original designs or packaging. For example, you can find chocolates decorated with festive motifs that are perfect for New Year's Eve.

You can also choose chocolates with original packaging, such as those presented in original boxes or bags. By opting for original chocolates, you're sure to please your loved ones with a gift that's both gourmet and original.

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Taking chocolate preferences into account

To give a gift that's sure to please the person you're giving it to, it's important to know his or her chocolate preferences. If she has a weakness for hazelnut chocolates, you can opt for an assortment of hazelnut chocolates or a large block of dark chocolate with hazelnuts.

Assortments Offer an assortment of different chocolates

To introduce your loved ones to new flavors and give them an even more original gourmet gift, you can opt for an assortment of different chocolates. For example, you can find assortments of chocolates from different brands, in a variety of flavors, such as milk chocolates, dark chocolates, hazelnut chocolates and so on.

You can also find assortments of chocolates in different shapes and textures, such as chocolate bars, chocolate pralines, chocolate tablets, etc. By offering an assortment of different chocolates, you're sure to please your loved ones with a varied, gourmet gift.

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Give preference to chocolates made in a fair and sustainable manner

When giving chocolate as a New Year's gift, you can also give preference to chocolates made in a fair and sustainable way. These are chocolates produced with respect for workers and the environment, using responsible production methods. By opting for fairly and sustainably produced chocolates, you can be sure of making an ethical and responsible choice, while delighting your loved ones with a quality gustatory gift. And do you know what? All Basile & Téa chocolates are made from cocoa beans produced in a responsible, fair and farmer-friendly way.