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Discover praline chocolate: French craftsmanship in the spotlight

At Basile & Téa, we continue this refined tradition by creating praline chocolates from high-quality, eco-friendly ingredients. We firmly believe that respect for tradition and the choice of sustainable ingredients give our products their unique flavor and exceptional quality.

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The history of praline chocolate

Praline chocolate is one of the delicious inventions of the French chocolate industry, appreciated the world over. It's a gourmet combination of hazelnuts or almonds coated with caramelized sugar, finely ground and then mixed with chocolate. It's a recipe that has survived the centuries, but whose origins and evolution are deeply rooted in French craftsmanship.

The origins of praline

Praliné originated in the 17th century, invented by a French cook named Clément Jaluzot. He was in the service of Duke Plessis-Praslin, whose name eventually gave rise to praliné. Praliné was originally a confection made from almonds coated with caramelized sugar. The sweet was quickly adopted by the French nobility and became a staple of receptions and banquets.

Over the years, artisans began adding chocolate to the mix, creating the version of praliné chocolate we know and love today. This innovation has enabled praliné to survive the centuries and remain a staple of French patisserie.

The evolution of pralines in France

Over the centuries, pralines have evolved to meet new production methods and changing consumer preferences. However, its true essence has remained the same. In France, praliné chocolate is still made using traditional methods: hazelnuts or almonds are roasted, coated with caramelized sugar, then ground to a fine paste which is then mixed with the chocolate. This artisanal process produces the smooth texture and rich taste that distinguish true praline chocolate.

At Basile & Téa, we're proud to be a part of that history. We're committed to respecting tradition while meeting modern needs for eco-responsibility. Our ingredients are chosen for their superior quality and sustainable provenance, enabling us to create praline chocolates that are not only delicious, but also environmentally friendly.

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The praline chocolate manufacturing process

Making praline chocolate is an art that Basile & Téa have mastered to perfection. The process begins with the rigorous selection of raw materials. The cocoa and hazelnuts used are carefully chosen for their superior quality and eco-responsible provenance.

The first stage in making praline chocolate is roasting the hazelnuts. This process releases the hazelnuts' intense aromas, which blend with those of the cocoa to make the praliné. The hazelnuts are then ground into a fine paste, which is mixed with caramelized sugar.

The pralining process

Once the ingredients have been selected, the pralinage process can begin. The sugar is cooked to a golden caramel color, then mixed with the ground hazelnuts. This preparation is then cooled and ground again to obtain the praline.

The praline is then mixed with the melted chocolate, in precise proportions that are the secret of our unique recipe. The mixture is then poured into molds and left to cool until hardened.

Selection of ingredients for the praline

The quality of praline chocolate depends largely on the selection of ingredients. At Basile & Téa, we prefer noble, sustainable ingredients. Our hazelnuts are carefully selected for their intense flavor and crunchiness. The sugar used for the caramel is also carefully selected for its quality.

Our chocolate is made from pure cocoa butter. This guarantees a rich, authentic taste, without the addition of preservatives, colorants or palm oil. We're also proud to use recycled, recyclable kraft packaging and eco-friendly ink.

Our praline chocolate products

At Basile & Téa, we have a passion for praline chocolate. Each product is designed with care and attention, using the highest quality ingredients. We strive to create products that capture the true taste and essence of praline chocolate, while respecting the environment.

We offer a variety of praline-based chocolate products, from chocolate bars to assortments, specialties and spreads. Each product is made from eco-responsible ingredients, without preservatives, colorants or palm oil. Our chocolate is made from pure cocoa butter, and our packaging is in recycled and recyclable kraft, printed with eco-friendly ink.

Our praline chocolate bars

Our praline chocolate bars are a veritable explosion of flavors. They're perfect for a moment of sweet pleasure made simple. Each square is a perfect blend of rich, creamy chocolate and crunchy praline.

Our bars are available in many varieties, so there's something for everyone. Whether you prefer dark, milk or white chocolate, we have a bar for you.

What's more, each bar is hand-crafted by our artisan chocolatiers, ensuring a final product of unrivalled quality.

Basile & Téa's philosophy

At the heart of Basile & Téa's philosophy is respect for tradition. Each product is made by hand, using traditional techniques, to guarantee unrivalled quality. But Basile & Téa's philosophy is not limited to handcrafted production. It also embraces constant innovation, flavor exploration and the discovery of new ways to bring chocolate to life.

At Basile & Téa, praline chocolate is not just a sweet, but a story to be told, an experience to be shared. It's in this quest for meaning that the company distinguishes itself, offering products that awaken the taste buds while telling the story of French craftsmanship.

Our commitment to sustainable and ethical production

Basile & Téa believes that the best flavors come from healthy, sustainable ingredients. That's why the company is committed to using only eco-responsible ingredients, free from preservatives, colorants and palm oil. What's more, the cocoa butter used is pure, guaranteeing an authentic cocoa taste.

The quality of our ingredients

Every ingredient used by Basile & Téa is carefully selected for its exceptional quality. The cocoa beans come from the world's best plantations, guaranteeing an intense, refined taste. The sugar comes from sustainable sources and the natural flavors used are all organically grown.

Crafts Basile & Téa: a company dedicated to French craftsmanship

Basile & Téa is much more than a company, it's a reflection of French passion and expertise in chocolate-making. Founded by dedicated artisans, the brand is a tribute to French craftsmanship, combining tradition and innovation to create top-of-the-range chocolate products.

Every chocolate bar, every assortment and every specialty is the fruit of meticulous craftsmanship and an unconditional love of chocolate. What sets Basile & Téa apart is its ability to rediscover forgotten flavors, such as praline chocolate, and transform them into unique taste experiences.


Tasting and combining praline chocolate

Praline chocolate is a delicacy that has conquered the palates of gourmets the world over. Its creamy texture, savory taste and delicate aroma make it a real treat to savor. Whether used in a chocolate bar, a spread or one of Basile & Téa's specialties, praline chocolate always adds a touch of deliciousness that delights the taste buds.

Tasting praline chocolate is a ritual that begins with observing its color and discovering its aroma. Then it's time to let it melt gently in your mouth to appreciate all its flavors. Basile & Téa's praline chocolates, with their pure cocoa butter and eco-responsible ingredients, offer a unique taste experience.


You can also enjoy praline chocolate with a hot drink such as coffee or tea. The latter will enhance the chocolate aromas and create a perfect harmony on the palate.

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