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Discover the delights of pistachio chocolate

Each bar is made with top-quality ingredients. The cocoa, from sustainable plantations, offers a deep, authentic taste. The pistachios, carefully selected for their flavor and crunchiness, add a touch of originality to the whole.

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Introducing Basile & Téa's new pistachio chocolate bar

Basile & Téa's new pistachio chocolate bar is a delicious creation that's sure to tantalize your taste buds. This specialty combines the best of rich, creamy chocolate with roasted pistachio chips for an unforgettable taste experience.

Each bite plunges you into a culinary adventure, where the intense taste of cocoa meets the sweetness of pistachio. The silky texture of the chocolate perfectly complements the crunchiness of the pistachios, making this bar irresistible to all chocolate lovers.

The union of chocolate and pistachio: an irresistible combination

The union of chocolate and pistachio is a perfect alchemy that offers an explosion of flavors. Chocolate, with its roundness and richness, subtly accentuates the unique, slightly salty taste of pistachios. It's a bold marriage that delights the senses and invites tasting.

The pistachio chocolate bar is a true gourmet pleasure, ideal for accompanying your coffee or enjoying a moment of relaxation. The rich, complex flavor of this combination makes every tasting experience a unique moment.

The pistachio chocolate creation process at Basile & Téa

Pistachio chocolate is a delicacy that combines the sweetness of chocolate with the crunch of pistachio. At Basile & Téa, this delicacy is created following a precise process designed to guarantee exceptional quality.

The art of creating pistachio chocolate requires not only high-quality ingredients, but also unique know-how, dedication and unrivalled passion. The process begins with the selection of ingredients and continues through the transformation of cocoa into chocolate, the incorporation of pistachios, right up to the final packaging.

Selection of eco-friendly cocoa beans and pistachios

The process begins with the careful selection of the finest cocoa beans and the tastiest pistachios. These ingredients are chosen for their quality and eco-responsible provenance, with respect for the environment and the producers.

Careful selection of cocoa beans and pistachios is essential to produce pistachio chocolate with a rich, authentic taste.

Converting cocoa into chocolate: traditional know-how

Once the cocoa beans have been selected, they are roasted and ground into a fine paste. This paste is then mixed with sugar and pure cocoa butter to create the chocolate.

Incorporating pistachios into chocolate

The pistachios are then added to the mixture. They are roasted to bring out their flavor before being finely chopped and mixed with the chocolate. This process gives the chocolate its unique texture and inimitable taste.

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The role of pure cocoa butter in chocolate texture

Pure cocoa butter plays a key role in the texture of chocolate. It gives chocolate its smooth, melt-in-the-mouth texture, which blends perfectly with the crunch of pistachios.

The use of pure cocoa butter also results in a more stable chocolate that retains its taste qualities over a longer period.

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The finishing touch: recycled and recyclable kraft packaging

Once the manufacturing process is complete, the chocolate is carefully wrapped in recycled and recyclable kraft paper. This reflects Basile & Téa's commitment to sustainability and their constant desire to minimize their impact on the environment.

Tasting Basile & Téa's pistachio chocolate

Basile & Téa's pistachio chocolate is an invitation to a voyage of the senses. Its creamy texture and subtle pistachio taste offer a unique taste experience. The perfect balance between the powerful taste of cocoa and the sweetness of pistachio makes it a delight for chocolate lovers.

Flavor nuances of pistachio chocolate

Basile & Téa's combination of chocolate and pistachio is a real success. The intense taste of cocoa, combined with the slightly salty sweetness of pistachio, offers a striking contrast. The two ingredients complement each other wonderfully, creating an exquisite harmony of flavors.

The crunch of the pistachio pieces in the melting ganache adds an extra dimension to this gustatory pleasure. The final touch is provided by the lightly toasted pistachios, which blend perfectly with the deep taste of the chocolate.

Pistachio chocolate pairings

Pistachio chocolate pairs perfectly with a full-bodied red wine that will bring out its intense aromas. For those who prefer coffee, an espresso or ristretto will be ideal to accompany this chocolate delight. Finally, for tea lovers, a black or green tea with fruity notes will be the ideal accompaniment to this chocolate.


Basile & Téa's commitment to sustainable and ethical chocolate

Basile & Téa, a French artisan chocolatier, has built a solid reputation thanks to its unwavering commitment to quality, sustainable and ethical chocolate. Chocolate is more than just a consumer product. It is the fruit of traditional know-how, a passion for taste and a deep respect for nature.

This commitment is reflected in our meticulous choice of ingredients. Every ingredient used is noble and sustainable, free from preservatives, colorants and palm oil. Chocolate made with pure cocoa butter offers an authentic flavor that will delight the most demanding chocolate lovers.


We are strongly committed to protecting the environment. We adopt environmentally-friendly production methods and minimize the impact of our activity on our planet. Our packaging is made from recycled and recyclable materials, with a view to reducing waste.

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