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Offer corporate gifts chocolatey and eco-responsible

Basile & Téa is a French company that stands out for its craftsmanship in chocolate making. Its artisan chocolatiers, truly passionate and dedicated to their craft, create high-quality chocolate products that delight the taste buds. Their expertise and commitment to quality are the pillars that make Basile & Téa a recognized brand.


Why chocolate is the best corporate gift

If you're looking for a corporate gift that's sure to please, chocolate is always a good choice. Not only is it delicious, but chocolate also has a number of health benefits that make it an excellent option for corporate gifts. Here are just a few reasons why chocolate is the ideal corporate gift.

Chocolate is memorable
Giving a gift is all about creating a lasting impression. You want the recipient of your gift to remember not only you, but also the delicacy of the gift. Chocolate is a luxurious treat that is sure to be remembered. For an extra personal touch, have the chocolate wrapped with your company logo or a personalized message.

Chocolate is unique
Instead of offering the same old boring corporate gifts, give something unique that will stand out from the crowd. With the many types and flavors of chocolate available, you can find the one that best suits your company's culture and the recipient's taste buds.

Chocolate is useful
It's no secret that business can be stressful. Often, a little pick-me-up is all that's needed to get you through the day. That's where chocolate comes in. A chocolate corporate gift can provide a mid-day energy boost, or be a sweet treat to enjoy after a long day's work. However it's used, chocolate is a practical gift that any professional will appreciate.
Chocolate is a corporate gift that can boost the day's energy or be enjoyed after a long day at work.


Everyone loves chocolate, so you can be sure that your corporate gift will be well received.

Chocolatier Basile & Téa Basile & Téa, Artisan chocolatiers

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Basile & Téa: the French company of artisan chocolatiers

The company stands out not only for the excellence of its products, but also for its concern for the environment. Basile & Téa is committed to an eco-responsible approach, using sustainable ingredients and recyclable packaging. This approach is in line with our desire to respect the planet while offering tasty chocolates.

Basile & Téa's values: quality and sustainability

At Basile & Téa, quality is paramount. This starts with the choice of ingredients, all noble and free from preservatives, colorants or palm oil. The chocolate, made with pure cocoa butter, is a true invitation to indulgence.

Sustainability is the company's second pillar. The kraft packaging is recycled and recyclable, demonstrating Basile & Téa's commitment to a greener future. The eco-friendly ink used for printing reinforces this environmentally-friendly approach.

The Basile & Téa range of chocolate products

Basile & Téa offers a wide range of chocolate products. From bars and assortments to specialties and spreads, each product is designed with love and passion. The brand also offers corporate gifts, enabling companies to please their customers or employees while supporting a committed company.

Basile & Téa corporate gifts: a touch of chocolate

In the business world, it's essential to make a lasting impression. Corporate gifts play a key role in this. To help you stand out from the crowd, Basile & Téa offers a range of top-of-the-range chocolate products that will leave a lasting impression.

Basile & Téa has succeeded in combining indulgence and eco-responsibility. Their selection of chocolate corporate gifts is the expression of unique craftsmanship, enhanced by the use of high-quality, sustainable ingredients.

Why choose chocolate as a corporate gift?

Chocolate is universally appreciated and conveys a positive image. It is associated with generosity, pleasure and sophistication. Offering chocolate as a corporate gift is therefore an excellent way of conveying these values to your customers, partners or employees.

What's more, the fact that chocolate is a consumable product means that it won't simply be thrown away or forgotten, but rather savored and enjoyed.

Corporate gift options at Basile & Téa

Basile & Téa offers a variety of chocolate products to suit all tastes and budgets: from chocolate bars to assorted spreads. Each product is presented in recycled and recyclable kraft packaging, underlining the brand's commitment to eco-responsibility.

Personalized Basile & Téa corporate gifts

In addition to the choice of products, Basile & Téa also offers the possibility of personalizing corporate gifts. Whether by adding a personalized message or choosing from a range of presentation options, you can create a gift that perfectly reflects your brand and values.

Chocolate packaging assortment

Assorted chocolates

An assortment of chocolates is a great way to give a corporate gift that everyone will enjoy. There are so many different types and flavors of chocolate, you're sure to find something for everyone. An assortment of chocolates is the perfect way to show your appreciation to customers and employees alike. Many companies offer pre-set assortments, or you can create your own personalized mix. Either way, you can be sure that this gift will be well received!

Discovery set

Discovery packs

A discovery box is the perfect way to introduce someone to the world of fine chocolate. You can find discovery boxes that contain a variety of different types of chocolate, as well as tasting notes and information about the different flavors. It's an ideal gift for someone who likes to try new things or is curious about the world of chocolate.

chocolate truffles

Chocolate truffles

Chocolate truffles are a classic luxury chocolate that never goes out of fashion! They're rich, creamy and available in a wide variety of flavors. What's more, they look stunning when beautifully packaged. They're an ideal gift for employees or customers with a sweet tooth. Chocolate truffles are another luxurious option for corporate gifts. These little treats are perfect for popping into your mouth, and are available in a variety of flavors and textures. If you want to offer your recipients something special and decadent, chocolate truffles are the ideal solution.

Our suggestions for a corporate gift :

Packaging Receiving Basile & Téa corporate gifts

Receiving a Basile & Téa corporate gift is an experience in itself. From opening the package to discovering the delicious chocolate products inside, every step is designed to inspire wonder and appreciation.



Eco-responsibility at Basile & Téa: beyond chocolate

Eco-responsibility is a growing concept in our society. Many companies in different sectors are committed to adopting practices that are more respectful of the environment and social well-being. In the chocolate industry, Basile & Téa stands out by offering high-quality chocolate products made from eco-responsible ingredients.

Basile & Téa's eco-friendly ingredients

The choice of ingredients is a key step in Basile & Téa's eco-responsible approach. The brand favors noble, sustainable raw materials, free from preservatives, colorants and palm oil. The chocolate used is based on pure cocoa butter, a choice that reflects the company's commitment to production that respects the environment and its producers.

In addition, Basile & Téa is committed to promoting short circuits and fair trade. In doing so, the brand contributes to supporting a sustainable local economy and ensuring fair remuneration for producers.

Ecological, recyclable packaging from Basile & Téa

In addition to the quality of its ingredients, Basile & Téa pays particular attention to its packaging. The brand uses recycled and recyclable kraft to package its chocolate products. Even the ink used for printing is eco-friendly. This approach not only limits the environmental impact of production, but also offers customers an eco-responsible 100% product.


Give corporate gifts with Basile & Téa

Giving corporate gifts is a common practice for fostering professional relationships, whether with employees, partners or customers. But choosing the right gift can be tricky. It has to be attractive, of good quality and reflect your company's values. By opting for Basile & Téa chocolate products, you're not only offering a gourmet gift, but also demonstrating your commitment to sustainability.

Basile & Téa chocolates are made from high-quality, noble and sustainable ingredients. They are free from preservatives, colorants and palm oil. What's more, the chocolate is made with pure cocoa butter. The packaging is also eco-responsible, being made of recycled and recyclable kraft, and the ink used is eco-friendly. Offer corporate gifts that respect the environment while being deliciously irresistible.


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Chocolatier Basile & Téa Basile & Téa, Artisan chocolatiers